Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Cough, Cold and Flu Season

'Tis the season. Right?

Let me be frank. I am going to suggest some pretty obvious stuff in this article and I will be honest in that I did battle with a flu this season. I am feeling a little hypocritical, but you need to trust that what I say works in preventing the common cold.

Before I get started I must disclose that I am not a doctor. Any advice I give you is of my own and not backed in medical research. If you are concerned about your health, you should consult a physician.

Okay, there are four things you need to do to prevent getting a cold or the flu: good personal hygiene, exercise, sleep, and drink lots of water.

Allow me to explain.

1. Personal Hygiene

Wash your hands! Before you eat, after work, after you get home, etc. You really need to wash your hands until they are raw. Along with washing your hands, make sure you take daily hot showers, change your clothes and brush your teeth. Twice a day at least, brush your teeth. You also should be flossing every night as well as using mouthwash.

These tips are to reduce bacteria you may have picked up.

That tip is rooted in fact; these next few are theories I tend to use myself. These tips I believe boost your immune system.

2. Exercise

I don't mean you should be spending hours in the gym pushing yourself to the limits. When I say exercise, I mean go outside and get some fresh air. This is a great time to enjoy some sunshine, moments with friends or family members, or walking your dog. Go for a walk or dust off your bicycle or something! You don't have to go out for long; however, you need to do some light exercise.

3. Sleep

Be kind to your body. Recharge your body. Sleep at least seven hours at a time. Come on, common sense.

4. Drink Lots of Water!

We know that your body needs lots of water anyway, but my theory about drinking water goes like this. If you drink enough water, it starts to flush out your system. Any bacteria or virus in your body might just be washed out of your body before it sets in. 

Full disclosure, these may not work for you but this year was the first time in years that I caught a cold and I was able to shake it after a couple days. 

Now, if you did catch a cold, try finding this tea: It made me feel better while I was drinking it and it kept working for about eight hours. Also, try taking shots of honey - natural liquid honey.

Good luck out there and stay healthy. 

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Mundane Travel Blog #1 - The Fridge

As some of you may know, I have done a little bit of travel and a little bit of travel blogging. I have been some pretty cool places and seen some pretty cool things, but I want take some time to note other things in life, the little things. So, I've start a Mundane Travel Blog.

The Fridge

I recently found myself in need of a vacation the other day. Right around lunch time I was sitting at my computer when my stomach seemed to feel off. I recalled that same feeling (earlier that morning) before breakfast which was resolved by a fine meal of eggs and toast. I have very fond memories of the fridge so I decided to take that trek one more time.

I was filled with anticipation as I made my journey; I had no idea what adventures would be awaiting me. Perhaps there was a half of a sandwich, or a cake-like desert. I saw on the fridge's website that it was a pretty cool place to hang out and that it really knows how to keep things fresh.

Upon my arrival, I opened the door to all of the possibilities behind it. I rediscovered the fridge's three shelves, set up with dual vegetable crisps below and plenty of extra storage on the door. The fridge, although a modest size, was fairly large, or perhaps seemed large as it was filled with a most mysterious light bulb which may or may not always stay on.

High point of the trip was when I discovered I still had a little bit of Mum's homemade strawberry jam left in a jar she gave me awhile back, with a special mention to the left over donair sauce from a pizza I had last week. Although the highs were huge, I was disappointed with the lack of a rack for cans on the inside of the door; with some fridges, you can fit a full case of beer on one of those door can racks.

Overall, I would totally suggest trying out a trip to the fridge! Next time you check it out, be sure to pick me up a beer- there may be a rack designed for cans on the door; however, if there are no cans on the door, be sure to examine the middle or bottom shelf, both popular spaces for storage.


Monday, 6 October 2014


I'm not speaking about the book by William Bridges or a design textbook.

It's September and at the beginning of the month, universities were welcoming a whole new group of frosh and as I am now living in the city in which I attended university, I was getting nostalgic. Then I was listening to the radio and they were speaking about the transition to university. First year students in Nova Scotia were given a pamphlet called Transitions. It is being used as a how-to guide of going from high school to university.

I'd been thinking about that transition when I came across a couple of television programs (on Netflix), called Freaks and Geeks and Undeclared. If you haven't seen either, please allow me to explain why these shows are a must-watch, particularly at this time of year.

Freaks and Geeks follows the story of a brother/sister combo of Lindsay (Linda Cardellini) and Sam Weir (John Francis Daley) and their adventures through high school. At first I was a little put off by the predictable story lines and high school cliches but I stuck it out because (I forgot to mention) James Franco, Seth Rogen, and Jason Segel also play leading roles. I continued watching and discovered that the show was set up like an after school special; however, I quickly discovered there are no morals pushed on the audience at the end of each episode. The show really doesn't have a moral compass at all; the characters make mistakes and regardless of their mistakes or how hard they try to learn from them, no lessons are learned in the end.

Undeclared is the story of Steven Karp's (Jay Baruchel) first year of university. Steven is an extremely average student facing his first year of college. He is put in common situations that most first year students encounter: making new friends, living away from home, working towards tuition payments, family troubles, parties, etc. Compared to my experiences as a first year university student and working as a university residence coordinator, Undeclared is one of the best depictions of university life I've seen. Oh, and Seth Rogen and Jason Segel are both on this show as well.

So where was I going with this?

I guess the transition from high school to university is hard, and if it isn't, then you are lucky (or probably still live at home). A transition booklet would not be complete without the mention of these great shows so you probably should watch them. And lets face it, you're not actually studying in first year anyway; go ahead and Netflix binge!

If you are like me and have already graduated from both high school and university, these are great nostalgia shows. You should probably watch.