Nothing With a Face

When I was 11 years old I had a mild freak out when I made the connection that dinner was once alive. I love animals and I can't understand why people want to put that in their mouths.


Here is my philosophy on that. I'll respect anyone's dietary choice so long as they respect mine. I also don't mind debating the issue so long as my partner(s) stay respectful. If I hear, "well, it can't be healthy," the gloves will come off because I've been doing this a long time.

So, to wrap up. Here is how my diet works:

For protein, I eat Tofu and meat substitutes. I also eat a lot of nuts and peanut butter as well as eggs and dairy. I don't keep track of my protein intake; however, I don't see a difference between myself and others my age.

I do take multivitamins and eat dark green veggies.

If I could change my diet, I would start taking protein shakes to build a little more muscle mass and I'd take a Vitamin D supplement because living in Atlantic Canada, you don't see a lot of sun.

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