Just Friggin Do It.

I heard a seminar about this a couple years ago and thought it was really helpful so I would like to pass it on to you.

It was a seminar on time management and breaking procrastination habits. The presenter told a story of a guy who worked at the university who came up with and lived by it. It was called JFDI. Simply put, when facing a task or job or to do list, Just Friggin' Do It. There is no use in waiting till your To Do list is too overwhelming for you look at. Truly, you have more time than you think if you just start doing what needs to be done (a school assignment, cleaning chores, errands, etc.), rather than refreshing your Facebook page or watching reruns of The Big Bag Theory.

Getting Started:

The gentleman who started JFDI did something to get himself moving that sparked my interest. Every year, he tried to walk the kilometre value of the year. So, in the year 2010, his goal would be to walk 2010km that year. I decided to give it a try this year and weirdly enough, it has really kept me motivated and I now feel more productive than I have ever been. I even had enough time to start this blog.

Give it a try. Next time you have something you are putting off, Just Friggin' Do It. Just start whatever you have to do and after the first 20 minutes you can't stand what you are doing, change it up. At least you tried.

I don't know if this is helpful to you but it was really helpful to me!

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