Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Mundane Travel Blog #1 - The Fridge

As some of you may know, I have done a little bit of travel and a little bit of travel blogging. I have been some pretty cool places and seen some pretty cool things, but I want take some time to note other things in life, the little things. So, I've start a Mundane Travel Blog.

The Fridge

I recently found myself in need of a vacation the other day. Right around lunch time I was sitting at my computer when my stomach seemed to feel off. I recalled that same feeling (earlier that morning) before breakfast which was resolved by a fine meal of eggs and toast. I have very fond memories of the fridge so I decided to take that trek one more time.

I was filled with anticipation as I made my journey; I had no idea what adventures would be awaiting me. Perhaps there was a half of a sandwich, or a cake-like desert. I saw on the fridge's website that it was a pretty cool place to hang out and that it really knows how to keep things fresh.

Upon my arrival, I opened the door to all of the possibilities behind it. I rediscovered the fridge's three shelves, set up with dual vegetable crisps below and plenty of extra storage on the door. The fridge, although a modest size, was fairly large, or perhaps seemed large as it was filled with a most mysterious light bulb which may or may not always stay on.

High point of the trip was when I discovered I still had a little bit of Mum's homemade strawberry jam left in a jar she gave me awhile back, with a special mention to the left over donair sauce from a pizza I had last week. Although the highs were huge, I was disappointed with the lack of a rack for cans on the inside of the door; with some fridges, you can fit a full case of beer on one of those door can racks.

Overall, I would totally suggest trying out a trip to the fridge! Next time you check it out, be sure to pick me up a beer- there may be a rack designed for cans on the door; however, if there are no cans on the door, be sure to examine the middle or bottom shelf, both popular spaces for storage.


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