Friday, 31 October 2014

Happy Birthoween

My Mum's a witch. I'm sure there have been lots of people to call her this; former employees, people she has spoken the truth to, and me in this story.

I say Mum is a witch for her ability to strike fear in her teenage employees with a simple smile and hello, because of her ability to use the maximum number of tabs in her Google browser at the same time, because she gets more rest in a ten minute nap than I do in an entire night, because she never complains in the toughest of situations (or at least not when I'm in ear shot), because she can make two different meals simultaneously to meet dietary choices, because she refuses to say a bad word about anyone (who is on her good side), because of the effort she puts into every task she comes across, her ability to think critically, and the fact that no matter how hard the Sudoku puzzle is, she will solve it.

When I say my Mum is a witch, I mean it in the spirit of the television show Bewitched, Sabrina the Teenage WitchI dream of Jeannie and The Wicket Witch of the West of the perspective taken in Wicket.

My Mum has this type of magic to her. It can't be really explained but I assure you it is there. If you haven't experienced it for yourself, then you obviously haven't met her. And if you have met her and still haven't experienced it, you are probably one of the teenagers who works in the summer and is scared stiff when the boss is around.

Now, I will admit that there have been times that I haven't seen eye-to-eye with my mother and there have been times that I have been critical of my Mum. There have been times where I have disappointed her (or at least have felt like it, and those are some of the darkest moments of my life) and there have been times when she's been embarrassing to me. But regardless of these feelings, we've always come out the other side like nothing has happened.

And today is her birthday.

Thank you Mum. Thank you for everything you've done for me in the past 25 years. Thank you for the support, the confidence, the sacrifice and the love. Thank you for being strong through all my tears and breakdowns, and sharing advice and laughs. Thank you for supporting my adventures, from driving across the country to flying to Malaysia. Thank you for for convincing me to complete my degree and teaching me there is always value in education. Thank you for staying by my side when I was sick; you don't know this, but when I'd wake up in the hospital in a panic, I knew it would be alright cause you were there day and night. Thank you for being my mentor. And thank you for being you.

I know today is a milestone birthday and it kills me to not be there, but I wish that it is the most excellent day. It still amazes me that you have mothered two sons (age 31 and 25) and you're only 29... still.

Happy Birthday Mum! I love you so very much!

And to everyone else, be sure to get out of the house tonight to Trick or Treat and wear your best costume; it is why Mum loves her Birthday.

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  1. What a wonderful son I have! Thank you for this gift.