Saturday, 8 June 2013

The Quickest Tour of Canada Ever!

Hello from Malaysia!

I was asked to do up a Guide of Canada for Chee Ching before I left. So, that didn't get done because I had so much prep for my own trip and life was really busy. Anyway, I thought I would do a quick guide from Malaysia! If you read this and think I didn't include much of Canada, it is because I am only talking about the cities that Chee Ching is going too.

What a great city! I drove there a couple years ago and it was wonderful! Be sure to check out Stanley Park and if the Canucks were still in the play offs, I'd suggest taking in a hockey game!

I have never been to Whistler; however, I have heard a lot about it. If I were in Whistler, I wouldn't do anything but hike, take photos, and enjoy the view.

Toronto is a very busy city with something for everyone. Be sure to check out the CN Tower and go up if you have the chance. Try a hot dog from a street vendor (they are actually pretty good). Go to some museums too! The ROM and Art Gallery of Ontario are the best!

There are a couple really cool things in Montreal. First, check out Old Montreal. Then try a Montreal Smoked Meat Sandwich and a Poutine.

I am most familiar with Halifax; I have some friends and family there who I'm sure would love to show you around. Go to the Freak Lunch Box (it is a candy store with everything there!), take a ride on the Harbour Hopper (if it is running), and try out some seafood on the boardwalk.

I really hope you have a great time in my home country Chee Ching!


  1. Try zip lining in Whistler! The best way to take in the city.

  2. HI Whistler is one of my favourite hostels I've ever stayed at! I went a few summers ago. I agree, try ziplining, mountain biking (if you're into that), take gonadal ride up to the top, and just enjoy the beautiful scenery!

  3. welcome to Malaysia~

    Regards, (A Growing Teenager Diary)