Monday, 10 June 2013

Summary: Vancouver and Victoria! :D

I'm heading off to Calgary, Alberta tomorrow morning, and this wraps up my trip here in Vancouver and Victoria! Here some highlights of what happened in this 4 days. I will blog in detail when I get back to Malaysia.

I'm not having much time to illustrate as much as I can but please enjoy the pictures ya? Will go into every trip thoroughly once I get back to Malaysia!

Complimentary Breakfast

I had wonderful complimentary breakfast by HI-Downtown! :D HI-Downtown is currently giving free breakfast till end of September!

Ceri, from Hostelling Canada picked me up from the front desk and off we went to the other hostel located in Central. I feel that this hostel is more quaint as it was refurbished from an older hotel. I still prefer Downtown as it has more space hehe.

Terence's Hollywood North Tour

Basically, this tour brings us to iconic locations where it has been used as filming locations. And thanks to this tour, I managed to see other parts of Vancouver that I might not stumble if I was doing it alone. Terence was very accommodating and tried his best to make the tour less boring ahaha.

Marine Building, and this was the Daily Planet in Smallville!

National Library of Vancouver, where it has been used in various movies such as The Imaginarium of Dr Parnassus!


 I went whale watching! Sailed out to the ocean on a speed boat!

My life, is sorta complete. T____T I saw Free Willy up close. T___T

Tuna Tacones from Red Fish, Blue Fish in Victoria. Super yums!

The Grand Hotel Exhibition

This is the latest exhibition in the Vancouver Art Gallery where it documents the birth of great hotels in the world. I loved the 'Design' section the most.

When I Have Free Time

I explored on my own most of the days, and even reached a dodgier street of Downtown Vancouver, which sort of freaked me out haha.

I also stumbled upon King & Maxwell shooting! :D

The good news is, my jet lag is gone, and I no longer need naps! :D My flight is at 7.00am tomorrow, so good night everyone! Byebye!

Signing off, cheeChingy.

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