Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Lake Louise and Banff!

Just a quick run down on what I did in Lake Louise and Banff! Comprehensive post on each activity will come when I'm back in Malaysia okay!!

Checked into HI Lake Louise! Lovely place!

Greeneries surround the hostel, and the staff at the front desk were the best ever! Ever so friendly! :D In fact, the same goes to the staffs at HI Downtown Vancouver and Banff! I believe future hostels that I will be staying at will have the same friendly people. :')

Antony from Hosteling International then took me out for canoeing!

THIS IS MORAINE LAKE!! So pretty! T______T

After a short hike and canoeing, I was then on my own again. HI Lake Louise gave me complimentary meal vouchers so I was able to have dinner at the cafe in the hostel called Bill Peyto!

Every meal I had in Canada I was trouble having trouble finishing it. So sorry I am wasting food. T______T 

But, I still had space for desserts haha wtf. This is like the best apple pie I had!! :D

The next, we followed the hostel on a hike at Lake Louise! There were a total of 10 people in the hike!

The hike starts easy, just flat ground along the lake.

But as you venture further, there were many uphills! I sweated for the first time in Canada haha.

Snow were still around as well!! :D My shoe was not made for snow, so it tend to get a little slippery for me when we had to hike through the snow. It was scary but worth it!

The hike lasted for 5 hours both ways, and I am going to dedicate one whole post at my blog about the hike yo!

After checking out from HI Lake Louise, Antony brought me to Banff Gondola! :D

Let's go up the hill!

And when I arrived at the top, this is what I see. WHY SO GORGEOUS? T________T

I then checked in at HI Banff and I was given a cabin to stay in! So comfortableeeeeeee and I am actually blogging in my own cabin now. :')

Can't wait for tomorrow!

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