Thursday, 9 May 2013

A Big Blog Update!


I mean, hello!

Thanks for finding me here on Nice of you to drop in. Actually, it is nice of me to drop in. I know it has been awhile since my last post and there is good reason for that I swear. 


Since becoming one of the 16 winners of the Big Blog Exchange my life has become a crazy ball of stress. Well, that good kind of stress where you are really busy; not the bad kind of stress where you are backed into a cave about to become a yeti's bride. Anyway, let me tell you about it.

On April 29th they announced the winners of the Big Blog Exchange and lucky for me, my name was one of them and I found out I'm going to Malaysia. Then I was contacted by the media. All the media. CBC television, the Saint John Telegraph-Journal, the Kings County Record, and HI Canada. It was pretty overwhelming, but a lot of fun. Honestly though, I understand why famous people do like to have their privacy.

From there on out, I had to get my travel plans together. I was contacted by Hostel International and given some details about my trip. I had to get some vaccinations and I have been reading everything I can about Malaysia. Also, a very sweet woman named Betty P (I won't use her full name as I'm not sure if she'd want it to be published) reached out to me because she read my story and heard I needed a backpack for my trip. Thanks again Betty! 

Also, I have started a summer job which has kept me busy. In the summers I run the Hampton Pool. I love that job; I've been working there for 9 years and it is awesome! But, it is a lot of work. So far, we don't have water in the pool, but I have been working to set up swimming lessons, staff training sessions, organizing the office, instructing first aid classes, hiring a staff, etc. Long story short, it is a lot of work and little swimming. It is still really fun though and I suggest you should get a job like it.

Also, the blog's editor/my girlfriend decided to take a vacation. So I haven't had anyone to edit my work.

Plus, NHL playoffs have started and I am super excited.

Plus, I have a friend who runs a website call, Honk If You're Nerdy, and he would like me to write for that site as well. (Which I'm super pumped to do and I really have just fallen behind. Sorry Pat, my work is on the way).

Anyway, things are good and busy here. I am still very excited about the trip and getting back to regular blogging.

Thanks for staying with me!

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  1. Jeremy!
    This is great! I have also been pretty busy in the run up to the date of departure, so I totally get where you're coming from! I enjoyed the interview on CBC Television. Very Cool! Well Done on beating cancer. Can't imagine how that must be like.
    Big high five and chat soon
    Didi (South African Winner)