Monday, 1 April 2013

Were Everybody Knows Your Name

I took a trip over this Easter weekend back to my hometown of Hampton, NB.

So on Saturday, I cleaned the house and packed up the car.  Nellie and I picked up Sarah from work and we were on the road. Sarah took the wrong purse from work and didn't notice till we were 20 minutes outside of Fredericton so we had to turn around and go back but after she got her own purse, we were on our way to a relaxing weekend away.

I love the drive home. I love hitting the road about 20 minutes before sunset. See, when I drive home, I make a trip of it. I take the back road and follow the Saint John River all the way to Jemseg then drive into the woods. When you leave Fredericton, heading south along the Saint John River just before sunset, the water sparkles and the whole world seems still. Everything moves slow on the back roads, everything except the cars on the highway. We drove into Cambridge-Narrows by dark. That far out into the country there is no light pollution and the view of the stars is spectacular. We followed the stars all the way back to my parents house.

While we were out and about in Hampton, I was stopped multiple times to talk about The Big Blog Exchange. As it turns out, the support is huge down there!

Monday afternoon, Sarah, Nellie and I made our way back up through the country to Fredericton.  Sarah had a bunch of school work to do so she got right to work while I unpacked.  She yelled to me when she found an Article on the St. Thomas University Website about the contest. As it turns out, THERE IS HUGE SUPPORT IN FREDDY TOO!

What I guess I'm trying to say is that there is a lot of support for this contest. Both my hometown and my adopted town, my university, my family and friends and friends of friends and complete strangers are just throwing support my way.


Thank you.

Please Vote Here

Read STU article Here

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  1. Congrats on your success Jeremy, sounds like you have a really good support base. I wish you the best of luck with the competition!