Wednesday, 20 March 2013

What You Writing?

So, some people may be thinking, "why should we vote for this Jeremy guy? It doesn't seem like he blogs that much."

It is true that this blog is very young and I am still developing as a blogger. It is also true that my biggest motivation for getting the blog put together is The Big Blog Exchange; however, it would simply be untrue to say that I have a blog strictly because of the contest. I bought the domain months ago and I have been learning about formatting and blog building and layout ever since. When I found out about the contest, it put a rush on getting the blog up.


I have been blogging for a couple years on and off.

Check Out My Travel Blog from when I traveled across Canada.

Also you can see a photo blog of Misused Quotation Marks I made for my brother for Christmas.

So you see, I have been blogging. And I intend to keep blogging so long as there are things to blog about. Keep your eyes open for more blogs/posts and different tags.

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