Thursday, 21 March 2013

Replying to the Big Blog... blog.

On March 21, the Big Blog Exchange asked on their blog "What Blog-Inspires You?" They wanted to know what parts of your country you would suggest for someone on this exchange. Here is my reply to their post:

Canada is a big, beautiful country filled with landmarks and historical sites. So, what do you need to see to get the true Canadian experience? First, lets take a look at what Canadians are known for. We have hockey, beer, moose, poutine, lumberjacks, maple syrup, Tim Hortons, and of course the beaver. Lets go from east to west looking at the must see symbols and landmarks.
-Newfoundland and Labrador
The first European contact to the west was believed to be in Newfoundland by the Norwedian Vikings. The ruins of their villages can still be found in L’Anse aux Meadows on the northern tip of the island. Also, check out George St. in St. John’s for night life like no other in Canada. Kiss the Cod while you get screeched in as an honorary Newfoundlander. Watch out for the Moose! Known for their large population on the island.
-New Brunswick
Check out my part of the country! Saint John was the first city in Canada to incorporate (1785). It is filled with historical landmarks, public art, and has a beautiful boardwalk along the harbour. Have a coffee in Moncton, where it is widely believed they have the most Tim Hortons per capita in Canada. Swing by the Picaroons Brewtique in Fredericton for a Growler of beer brewed right in the city (one of my favorites). Chop down some lumber with the worlds largest axe found in Nackawic. Also, take a swim in the Hampton Pool where I have spent my summers for the past… well since I was born.
This is Canada’s only official French speaking province, home of the prettiest city in my opinion and Canada’s largest producer of Maple Syrup. I fell in love with Québec City when I first visited there ten years ago and take every opportunity to go back and walk the streets of Old Quebéc. Montréal is a hub for arts and culture. Somewhere along the road, stop for a poutine.
Check out the capital city of Ottawa. Skate on Rideau Canal and walk on Parliament Hill. Drive down the 401 to Toronto. Take a tour of Fort York and climb to the top of the CN Tower. Also explore the different cultural districts of the city.
Drive a zamboni across the prairies.
Spend the night at the Beaverlodge with the world’s largest beaver. Explore the Canadian Badlands and drive through the foothills of the Rockies to Banff National Park just to watch the scenery.
-British Columbia
My last stop would be Vancouver at Rogers Arena. This is the place where Canada won Olympic Gold in Ice Hockey during the 2010 Winter Games. I swear I could hear the cheers from the arena out here on the East Coast when Sidney Crosby scored that overtime goal against the Americans.
That is only a surface look at what my great country has to offer visitors. Good luck and have fun!
I did leave out one special spot that I thought I’d save for last. The proudest moment I have ever experienced as a Canadian happened when I was on a road trip across the country a couple years ago. On a cliff in Thunder Bay, over looking the sparking Lake Superior, is the Terry Fox Memorial. Terry Fox is a Canadian icon who ran across the country to raise funds and awareness for cancer. His journey ended in Thunder Bay when the cancer came back, forcing him to stop. His story has inspired millions and makes me, along many other Canadians, proud to be from here.

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